Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.130 - 09/04/2018

Time & Attendance - Issue fix - The following issues were fixed in both modes (regular and dynamic) :

  • The system did not display the vacation request by special rule on the My Absences page in the Booked pane >> As a Pending request. The system did not display the vacation request by special rule in the My Team Absence Statistic.
  • The system did not display the vacation request by special rule in Vacation Statistic.

Performance - Issue fix - The Show All and Show Active filters on the My Goals page did not work properly..

Performance - Issue fix - An error was fixed on the Performance review page in case there was no review for an Employee in the system.

Performance - Issue fix - Date Filter was synchronized with the employee picker on the Performance Review Round page.

Learning - Issue fix - A layout-related issue on the Cancel Assignment form was fixed.

Learning - Issue fix - Training Event Appointment for Training Manager was fixed.

Learning - Issue fix - A typo was corrected in the "Practicum Schedule" section title.

Learning - Improvement - The custom roles (Training Manager / Local Training Manager) are now available on the ribbon on the employee card.

Integration - New functionality - DocuSign Integration was implemented. This functionality was added to the Candidate Documents page that can be opened from the candidate card. A candidate can see and sign documents via candidate self-service. As a result, the document status is updated in Candidate Documents on the candidate card and the document is signed.

Core HR - Issue fix - Job Assignment Form: the "Job Role" picker contained active job roles only.

Core HR - New functionality - A new Dashboard System Usage was added. The following statistics are displayed on this new dashboard: system usage by module system usage by role top users modules usage by role top used pages by role

Compensation - Improvement - A new column Recommended Annual Base Salary was added to Salary Review Round Details. Recommended value can be copied to the Requested Annual Base Salary column by Department Manager or HR.

Candidate Self Service - Issue fix - The date was displayed in the format of the selected locale.

Other - Improvement - The Notification Tasks event receiver was changed. Currently, the system starts the workflow when an item appears in the notification tasks list.

Other - Improvement - Processing of entities (360 Assessments, 360 Forms, and Employee Competency) was implemented via run with elevated privileges (from the system account).

Other - Improvement - The following Improvements to the system jobs were made:

  1. The system jobs now display the job state (Enabled/Disabled).
  2.  The following jobs are disabled by default:
  • Azure Ad integration
  • Azure Ad Photo integration
  • Linked-In Learning Integration
  • Adp integration
  • AD Integration
  • User profiles integration
  • SQL Data Export

Other - A new Functionality - A new job Export data to SQL was added. This job copies the structure and data of the SharePoint lists to SQL tables. By default, this job is disabled.

Other - Issue fix - The issue with a clean Installation: the issue introduced in the update to version 4.3.15, related to the Code field, was fixed.

Other, Report Builder - Issue fix - A Report Export issue with export to .xlsx was fixed.