Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.136 - 11/29/2018

Core HR - Issue fix - The employee full name template functionality works correctly with both Middle Initial and Middle Name fields.

Performance - Improvement - If the company and org unit goals are included into the performance review, such goals will be marked with the Company Goal or Org Unit Goal labels in the review form. 

Learning - Issue fix - If a course is mandatory for an employee based on more than one condition, only one development activity or training request per course will be created by the Mandatory Trainings Job. 

Compensation - Issue fix - The Salary Breakdown pie chart in the Compensation dashboard doesn't take int account the zero values.

Other - Issue fix - The custom fields of the Date and Time type will be displayed and processed  correctly.

Other - Issue fix - During data import, the work pattern is updated correctly both in the employee card and the employment history. 

Performance - Improvement - The competency assessments for the Criteria Based assessment method are now displayed in the following format:
Competency Title
Assessed by UserName (date and time): competency level text description (average numeric value for all the criteria).
For example,
Assessed by user1 (10/30/2018 14:45 PM): Needs Improvement (3.6).

Learning - Issue fix - The input of the Cost field in the Development Activity form will be validated and the user will see the error message in case of the incorrect input.

Learning - Improvement - The labels for the buttons used for assigning a course to an employee have been made consistent and dependent on the course type.

Learning - Improvement - A quiz can be set up to allow only the selected number of attempts for passing it.

Other - Improvement - The Password fields in the DocuSign integration and Exchange integration settings display correctly.

Learning - Improvement - Validation for the SCORM Engine and SCORM Cloud settings has been implemented.

Learning - Improvement - In the Training Requests page, the requests with the statuses Pending Registration and Pending Approval are formatted with different colors.

Learning - Improvement - In SQL mode, if the user is creating the development activities with the status Completed, the training feedback requests are sent according to the learning material setup.

Report Center - Improvement - The custom reports in the Report Center can be included into the custom groups. The groups will display under the modules.

Core HR - Improvement - The column visibility for the job assignment forms can be now set up under Core HR > Org Structure > Advanced in the Job Assignment Field Configuration field.

Learning - Issue fix - The successfully completed development activities aren't displayed as missing now.

Learning - Improvement - If a course that is mandatory for an employee is a part of a curriculum, this course will be marked with the curriculum name in the employee's Personal Development Plan.