Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.137 - 12/12/2018

Learning - Issue fix - The HR comments are not displayed instead of the Edit link in the Training Requests page.

Learning - Improvement - The process of assigning a missing required course has been simplified. The development activity is added directly after clicking Add next to the missing course in the personal development plan.

Core HR - Issue fix - In the Positions Chart, the Vacant FTE is calculated correctly, taking into account all the main and additional positions.

Learning - Improvement - The layout of the Employee Competence Report has been improved for the cases when no results fit the search criteria.

Learning - Issue fix - The Certificate link is displayed correctly in the development activity after the certificate generation in SQL mode.

Learning - Issue fix - In the SQL mode, the employees can cancel the development activities without issues.

Learning - Issue fix - The expired courses are displayed in the Learning Catalog.

Performance - Improvement - The user interface for the 360 feedbacks has been improved.

Core HR - Issue fix - The employee search and data import work correctly when the full name template is not defined.

Learning - Issue fix - The development activities with the Training Hours scoring type work correctly in the SQL mode.

Recruiting - Improvement - Since DocuSign doesn't support TSL 1.1 any more, the DocuSign integration now works with TSL 1.2.

Compensation - Improvement - The Salary Details can be set up to be viewed and changed by the custom roles.

Report Builder - Issue fix - The reports created through the Report Builder work correctly if the SharePoint lists they are based on have been modified.

Learning - Issue fix - When assigning the courses through the Group Assignment option in the Learning Catalog, the expired learning materials are not displayed in the Learning Material picker.

Performance - Improvement - The Current Responsible field is displayed in the Performance Review Rounds page, the Performance Reviews tab.

Core HR - Improvement - Employee sensitive data can be added and updated using the data import. The data will be encrypted in the list.

Core HR - Improvement - HR processes can be generated for all the employees in the employee database.

Performance - Issue fix - The competency assessments with the -1 score are excluded from the average score calculation for the Talent Pool.

Learning - Issue fix - If the Training Request Approval Action setting is set to Create Activity, after assigning a curriculum to an employee, the development activities and development needs are created for each learning material in the curriculum. Each development need contains a link to the development activity it is related to. If a learning material has the Request Required check box selected, a development need will be created without a link to the development activity, and such link will be added after the training request approval.