Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.138 - 12/21/2018

Core HR - Improvement - The processes in the HR Processes page will be loaded after clicking View.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - When the absence record is approved, the notification is sent once.

Core HR - Issue fix - For the Employee picker, the Active Only display mode is available allowing to hide the terminated employees.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - Employee can book the absence, vacation or sick leave for a half of the day.

Core HR - Issue fix - The link in the My Documents page is now correct.

Core HR - Improvement - If the Full Name Template is blank, the employee Full Name can be filled in and updated manually. If the employee full name is to be generated, the default template will be used. If the Full Name Template is defined, the employee full name will be generated based on this template and the manually created or updated names will be automatically reset according to the template.

Performance - Issue fix - In the SQL mode, when the competency is added manually using the Add competency for assessment button in the Employee Competency Assessment page, the Competency History is displayed correctly.

Core HR - Issue fix - The dashboard titles are displayed correctly in French.

Learning - Improvement - The Learning Catalog search is more flexible. The keywords are highlighted in the course title and description in the search results.

Report Builder - Improvement - The reports created through the Report Builder can be filtered so that the Employee role can view only that user's records and custom role can see the records according to the role's permissions.

Learning - Improvement - The labels for the learning material assignment have been improved.

Report Center - Improvement - All the reports are moved to Report Center and separate menus under each module are removed.