Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.140 - 01/22/2019

Report Builder - Issue fix - Reports created through the Report Builder can be edited without issues.

Core HR - Issue fix - Employee card will display only full name if there are no sections with the Is Public check box selected.

Learning - Issue fix - The Learning Material Version field is not affected with the list item version.

Core HR - Improvement - In the Approval Requests page, the employee for whom the approval process has been started will be displayed in the Approval Recipient  field.

Core HR - Issue fix - The terminated employees are excluded from the approval request responsible employees.

Performance - Issue fix - The labels in the 360 Feedback Rounds and 360 Feedback pages are synchronized.

Performance - Improvement - The name of the 360 feedback round is added to the 360 Feedback page, as well as path to the 360 Feedback Rounds page.

Compensation - Issue fix - The Salary Review Dashboard works without issues.

Core HR - Improvement - The Start HR Process button is available before clicking View and loading the processes.

Recruiting - Improvement - A job opening can be created only for active job roles.

Recruiting - Improvement - The job openings are sorted alphabetically for the All Open Job Openings option in the Candidate Tracking page.

Recruiting - Improvement  - After selecting a job opening in the Candidate Tracking page, the user can click All Open Job Openings to return to the list of all job openings.

Recruiting - Issue fix - When the user generates candidate letters with the help of the Batch Action option and then clicks Back, he or she will be redirected to the Candidate Tracking page.

Core HR - Improvement - The users with the Employee and Manager roles can upload and edit documents into the Company Documents library.

Recruiting - Issue fix - In the Candidate Creation Wizard, HR users can select among all job openings available in Lanteria HR.

Performance - Improvement - In the employee Competency History, the -1 assessments will be hidden.

Performance - Improvement - When the user exports the data to Excel, AVG and score will be in the two separate columns.

Performance - Issue fix - Several performance reviews can be moved to the status Completed without issues.