Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.141 - 02/06/2019

Learning - Improvement - When creating questions for a quiz, the Question Type field of the Add Question form is read-only irrespective of the selected question type.

Performance - Issue fix - If the manual summary rating is changed by the reviewer, a new rating is saved correctly in the performance review form.

Recruiting - Improvement - Texts for the Recruiting module of the French localization have been improved.

Candidate Self-Service - Improvement - In Candidate Self-Service, the Job Opening Details page supports the rich text.

Core HR - Issue fix - The Core HR reports are again available from the Local HR menu.

Learning - Issue fix - A spelling mistake corrected in the "There are no available seats for this training" message.

Learning - Issue fix - When adding a new e-learning course, it is possible to upload documents using the Attach new E-learning link in the Add Course page.

Other - Issue fix - Big numbers of employees can be uploaded using the data import.

Performance - Issue fix - Org unit goals with the Relevant For Org Unit Manager check box selected are included into the unit manager performance review as a persona goal, even if the unit manager is an employee of another org unit.

Core HR - Issue fix - When editing job assignment, inactive organizational units cannot be entered manually into the Org Unit field.

Report Center - Improvement - Sections (Core HR, Performance etc.) in the Report Center are replaced with groups. Custom groups can be created from the Report Center.

Other - Issue fix - Reminders set up for the Local HR role will not be sent to other roles created based on the Local HR role.

Learning - Issue fix - Reminders related to the development activities are sent correctly if the Storage for the Learning module is set to SQL.

Candidate Self-Service - Issue fix - Candidates are not able to apply for an inactive job opening using a web link.

Core HR - Issue fix - Manager can view carried over records when working with the carried over related approval requests.

Compensation - Improvement - The Salary Breakdown chart is sorted in the descending order.

Other - Issue fix - The Manager and Employee roles can view the pages according to their permissions.

Performance - Issue fix - The outdated naming for the 360 Feedback button is corrected.

Learning - Improvement - The Development Activities Report is renamed to Development Activities by Employee.

Performance - Improvement - Competencies in the Development Needs section of the performance review form are listed by their title instead of being grouped by the competency area name.

Other - New Functionality - Lanteria HR is integrated with Predictive Index. Behavioral results for candidate/employee can be uploaded from Predictive Index to Lanteria HR.