Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.142 - 02/14/2019

Learning - Issue fix - The employees (learners) for the LinkedIn Learning are exported without issues even if the data being exported contains learning group titles with quotes or single quotes.

Mobile Version - Improvement - The Approval Recipient field is available for the approval processes in Lanteria HR mobile.

Report Center - Improvement - The Custom Reports and General Reports in the Report Center are separated with additional line. The General Reports section  is hidden if it is empty.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - When booking absence for half of the day, the corresponding Outlook appointment displays the correct timing.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The absence requests can be created and edited without issues.

Performance - Issue fix - If the competency levels titles are changed, these changes won't affect the completed performance review forms.

Core HR - Issue fix - The extra spaces in the full name are trimmed if some part of template is missing.

Recruiting - Improvement - Loading time for the Candidate Tracking page is decreased.

Learning - Issue fix - When assigning a training event to the employees through the Group Assignment function, the training dates are copied correctly.

Compensation - Improvement - Bars in the Salary Breakdown chart of the Compensation dashboard are the sorted descending by Annual Base Salary.

Recruiting - Improvement - When using the Copy Job Opening option, the details of the newly created job opening will not be displayed. The job opening will be available in the end of the Job Openings page.

Other - Improvement - The default run time of the Sync Local HR Employees job is changed to 4:59 am to avoid conflicts with the employee data integration jobs.

Learning - Issue fix - Meeting room and trainer availability calendars are displayed in the Scheduling Assistant without issues.

Learning - Issue fix - The learning material titles with special characters are displayed correctly when creating a new training request.

Performance - Issue fix - If the Job Responsibilities section is set to Mandatory in the performance review form template, the review forms will be validated on whether all the responsibilities are assessed.

Core HR - Issue fix - The date format in the Job Assignment page is displayed according to the regional settings.

Core HR - Issue fix - During the content approval process, the employee Title (Full Name) is copied from the temporary list to the target list.

Core HR - Improvement - When the probation end date is calculated automatically, the last day of probation will be set to the last day of the last probation month.

Core HR - Improvement - Working groups can be selected as approval request responsible. Depending on approval type, a request can be approved by any working group member or all the members.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - Local HR can view and download attachments for their employee sickness requests.