Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.144 - 03/15/2019

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - Users with custom roles based on the Local HR role can attach files to the employee absence requests.

Compensation - Issue fix - Future employee salary history records do not affect the salary review round.

Compensation - Issue fix - Only HR can view and edit the salary review rounds with the status Draft. The Locked rounds can be viewed by managers.

Performance - Issue fix - When creating a new employee with the Eligible for Performance Review check box selected, such employee will be included into the active performance review rounds according to the round settings.

Recruiting - Improvement - The employee card field with internal name WorkEmail is renamed to Personal Email. When an employee is created from candidate, the candidate's email will be copied to this field.

Integration - Improvement - Both Email and Personal Email fields are used for integration with Predictive Index.

Recruiting - Improvement - The users will see validation message in case of incorrect job opening dates input.

Other - Issue fix - The SQL Export job runs successfully even with the ' character in the list title (internal or / and display name).

Core HR - Issue fix - HR users can change the New Salary Details section right after creating an employee.

Recruiting, Learning - Issue fix - If among interviewers or internal trainers there are employees with no email specified, information for such employees cannot be displayed in the Scheduling Assistant and a corresponding message will be displayed to the user.

Core HR - Improvement - The Equality and Diversity Report display mode is defined by the Charts Mode setting.

Recruiting, Core HR - Improvement - The Upload Document form used for the Candidate Card Designer and the HR process actions of the Upload Document type is now available in French.

Core HR - Improvement - The employee card is updated after importing the employment history records if these records contain the current main assignment.

Recruiting - Issue fix - When a job opening is created by copying, the attached documents from the initial job opening are copied to the newly created opening.