Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.149 - 04/25/2019

Learning - Issue Fix - Now when HR moves an employee from the attendee list to the waiting list or from the waiting list to the attendee list for a classroom event with the Request Required check box selected, the notification emails or emails with requests for approval are no longer sent to any participants for such an activity.

Recruiting - Issue Fix - Interview appointment emails are now sent to candidates with correct encoding in all languages.

Learning - Improvement - Now all reports for all the roles, for which they were available in various menu sections throughout Lanteria HR modules, can only be accessed from the Report Center. In the Report Center, the fields for localization were removed from the Add/Edit forms.

Performance - Issue Fix - Now if a competency has already been assessed and someone deletes this competency, it is also deleted from the related pages (Employee Competency Report, 360 Feedback Result Report, and Performance Review Form), and these related page work properly.

Other - Issue Fix - Fixed the issue that caused the Permissions Editor to not grant configured permissions.

Learning - Improvement - When opening the list of training requests, a tip is displayed that prompts to click the View button to see data.

Learning - Improvement - Now after a training request has been approved or rejected, the corresponding information message is displayed.

Recruiting - Improvement - On the Candidate Tracking page (Recruiting > Candidates or when clicking the Candidates tab on the Job Opening Details page), the following UI changes were made:

  • The Files, Interviews, and Actions column labels are now hidden.
  • The Files link, which opens the candidate documents, is renamed to Documents.

Recruiting - Improvement - Now the interview form can be printed out if need be.