Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.151 - 05/14/2019

Recruiting - Improvement - The Recruiting module texts for the French localization have been improved.

Other - Improvement - Office 365 synchronization now works also for users who has more than 100 groups in Azure.

Core HR - Issue fix - Search for the Company, Location, JobRole and Country pickers works correctly.

Other - Improvement - The SQL Export Job will process the field types other than Boolean, Lookup, User, DateTime and Calculated as Text fields to avoid issues with exporting unknown field types.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - While using the Register Other Absence option, the employee name is updated correctly if changed.

Learning - Issue fix - The user cannot start and complete a quiz with non-completed required prerequisites.

Learning - Improvement - The Export option is now available for the Training Feedback report.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The Time Breakdown Chart of the Timesheet report displays data for the correct number of hours.

Core HR - Improvement - The employee who provided personal feedback can delete the feedback.

Recruiting - Issue fix - The users can access the Candidate Tracking page according to their permissions even for the closed and cancelled job openings.

Core HR - Issue fix - When updating data by importing, if both Title and GlobalId fields are mapped, the employee data will be added or updated according to the following scenario:

  • If GlobalID is empty in the Excel record, we are looking for the employee by title + empty global ID value. If found, update, otherwise add
  • If GlobalID is not empty in the Excel record, we are looking for the employee by global ID only. If any, update, otherwise add

Time and Attendance - Improvement - A new Send calendar appointments setting is available under Settings and Configuration > Time and Attendance > Absences > Advanced to define whether the employees are to receive the calendar appointments for their absences.

Core HR, Learning, Recruiting - Improvement - The current day will be highlighted in the Out of Office Calendar, Interview Calendar and Training Schedule.

Learning - Improvement - For the SQL mode, the information on the development activity creation and last modification (date, time and user) will be displayed.