Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.152 - 05/21/2019

Core HR, Performance - Improvement - The Include Job Competencies Only option is also available for the probation performance reviews. 

Core HR, Performance - Issue fix - The org unit manager can work with the Review Data section during the probation performance review, provided that the Filled By check box is selected for Manager in the review template for the corresponding section type.

Core HR - Improvement - Labels for the Employee Feedback have been improved.

Recruiting - Improvement - The Recruiting texts for the French localization have been improved.

Competence - Issue fix - The Employee Benefits report displays data for the employees according to the applied filter.

Performance - Issue fix - The objectives with empty due date are included into the performance review only if the start date is within the review date range.

Learning - Improvement - When scheduling a classroom training, the inactive locations are not available for selection.

Learning - Improvement - The terminated employees won't be available for adding to the waiting list and attendees list of the classroom training. If any employees from the waiting list are terminated, they will be removed from the list. If any employees from the attendees list are terminates, they won't be removed automatically.

Learning - Improvement - The Learning Catalog search loads data after pressing Enter.

Core HR - Improvement - The approval workflow steps are not assigned to the terminated responsible persons. If the step is to be assigned to one approver (for example, employee's manager) and the approver is terminated, such steps will be skipped. 

Core HR - Improvement - The HR Helpdesk charts will be displayed in the Kendo mode.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - The Absence Schedule will be displayed in Kendo or standard mode, depending on the Chart Mode setting.