Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.159 - 07/18/2019

Recruiting - Issue fix - The job opening description can be defined as Enhanced Rich Text.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - In the dynamic mode, the Absence Schedule will be also displayed in Kendo or standard mode, depending on the Chart Mode setting.

Report Builder - Issue fix - The lists with broken permissions will not prevent creating reports in the Report Builder. An error will be displayed in the event viewer. The list with broken permissions will not be available when selecting lists for the custom report.

Recruiting - Issue fix - When publishing several job openings to Seek simultaneously, the job opening details are saved correctly.

Recruiting - Improvement - French translation for the Candidate Documents is implemented.

Core HR - Issue fix - The images are displayed correctly when exporting the Employee Chart to pdf.

Learning - Issue fix - Now a course cannot be assigned twice if it was added to the employee plan in the scope of curriculum, even if there are several events for the same course.

Learning - Issue fix - An employee can see the link to Discussion Board only if he or she attends the corresponding event.

Learning - Issue fix - The manager can access Discussion Board as attendee of  the corresponding event and doesn't have the administrator permissions.

Report Builder - Improvement - When creating a custom report, the Get All Records check box is now available. It enables displaying all the records from both parent and child lists even if the parent list value is empty. For example, if a report consists of the Emergency Contacts list (a parent list) and the Employees list (a child list that is shown as Employees by [Emergency Contacts.[Employee Name] after the Emergency Contacts list is selected), the report will show all the employees regardless of whether an employee has an emergency contact or not.