Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.160 - 07/24/2019

Learning - Improvement - A new setting Manage Practicums on Learning Material Creation added to Settings > Learning > Learning Catalog > Advanced. If selected, the user will be redirected to the Manage Practicum page after creating a learning material. Cleared by default.

Core HR - Issue fix - When the future job assignments are processed by the Salary Processing job, the SharePoint workflows are initiated for the Employment History list.

Performance - Issue fix - When printing the 360 Feedback Result Report to pdf, the feedback text is not printed from a new page if it is too large for the current page. The text is split into the two pages in such cases.

Performance - Improvement - On the Check-in page, the employee managers or HR can edit the current check-in title.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - When registering absences with the German local set up, the half days are correctly counted and displayed.

Core HR - Issue fix - If an employee has any broken data, the Process Employees job still updates the employee data correctly. It processes the valid data and skips the step where the invalid data was to be processed.

Learning - Issue fix - The internal trainer title is displayed on both the Scheduling Assistant and Schedule Training pages instead of the trainer name.

Mobile Version - Improvement - In Lanteria HR Mobile, the preloader will be shown after clicking Request Change or Request Cancellation for the absence.

Mobile Version - Issue fix - The layout issue corrected. Long document titles are fully displayed in Lanteria HR Mobile.

Learning - Issue fix - If one training ends at the same time when another one starts, the trainer can be booked for such two training events and no appointment conflict error is displayed. For example, if one training ends at 3 pm and the following one starts at 3 pm, you can book the same trainer for these 2 events.

Performance - Improvement - Users with the Performance Manager role have the Report Center menu and Personal Employee Feedback menu item available to them. The performance managers can also use the Performance reports and start the 360 review rounds.

Recruiting - Improvement - The Additional Information/Instructions field is added to the Interview Details page.

Recruiting - Improvement - The Location field in the Schedule Interview form is not mandatory now.

Core HR - Issue fix - The employee photos with brackets in names are displayed correctly.

Core HR - Issue fix - In Internet Explorer, after refreshing the employee card, an excessive link is not displayed.