Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.162 - 08/14/2019

Lanteria Mobile, Core HR - Improvement - Preloader is added for the approval request processing.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - The manager's absences are included into the My Team Absences page (Absence Schedule).

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - When manually adjusting the employee allowance with the German locale set up, the Adjusted Allowance is calculated correctly.

Learning - Improvement - The manager reports related to the Learning section will no longer be available from My Team Learning. The reports are now available only from the Reports menu.

Other - Issue fix - After making changes through the Ribbon Editor, the previous ribbon settings are not reset. 

Core HR - Improvement - The number of open and unread HR helpdesk requests displayed under the HR HelpDesk dashboard name in the dashboard main menu includes all the currently open and unread requests and not only those assigned to the current user.

Performance - Improvement - The third level manager can view performance review forms for his or her subordinates as the second level manager.

Performance - Improvement - The Performance Review Manager can view only the Performance tab in the Report Center. The tabs the role doesn't have access to are hidden. 

Core HR - Issue fix - The documents with maximum number of characters allowed by Windows can be uploaded to the Employee Documents without issues.

Recruiting - Issue fix - A job opening is published correctly to the Seek portal after its approval. A link to the published job opening is available on the Job Publishing tab.

Report Center - Issue fix - When creating a new report through the Report Generator Wizard, the Save&Exit button is disabled after clicking it once to avoid generating several reports.

Recruiting - Improvement - A new Application Date column is added to the Candidate Tracking page.

Recruiting - Issue date - The job opening expiration time for the Candidate Self Service is defined correctly based on the server time zone.