Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.163 - 08/16/2019

Recruiting - Improvement - Link to the job openings published internally (Intranet is selected in the Publish to field) is now available from the Job Opening Details page.

Core HR - Issue fix - When the approval process is added to a custom list, the approval related fields (Approval Status, Approval Request and Current Approvers) are added automatically to this list.

Core HR - Issue fix - The Business Card Title on the employee card is updated correctly during the future assignment processing.

Learning - Improvement - During enrollment for the training event, the Working on it loader is displayed after applying.

Performance - Improvement - Local HR can start and end check-ins. 

Core HR - Issue fix - When the HR user creates an employee with the AD account and runs the Employee Processor job, the account is added to  theES Employees group even if the server time differs from the application time.

Performance - Issue fix - The Personal Feedback layout issue corrected: the search box is aligned with the header.

Recruiting - Improvement - The users with HR and Local HR roles can delete the job openings.

Core HR - Issue fix - The ADP Integration issue corrected: the job assignment is processed correctly and has a correct start date and change reason.