Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.164 - 08/22/2019

Recruiting - Issue Fix - The Job Openings page is displayed correctly after deleting a job opening and reloading the page.

Recruiting - Issue Fix - A job opening that was published to See can be deleted without issues.

Learning - Improvement - If the Skip Editing Request Before Sending check box is cleared, the course is Event Required,but not Request Required and the training event has 0 free seats, the employee will be added to the waiting list automatically after enrolling for the training event (without creating a new training request). The same is true for the training event without learning material.

Recruiting - Improvement - The Additional Information/Instructions field on the Interview Form page supports the rich text.

Performance - Improvement - The performance review workflow step can be assigned to a working group manager.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - Now Local HR can adjust employee’s allowance manually.

Learning - Improvement - A new setting Display Missing Trainings on Development Plan has been added. If selected, the missing mandatory trainings will be displayed in the development plan and the View Missing Mandatory Trainings check box will be hidden.

Performance - Improvement - After a performance review round is deleted, all the related performance reviews will be deleted as well.

Data Import - Improvement - For any custom data, the import entities lookups/multilookups in the Employees list can be mapped to a column in Excel with GlobalId/FullName.

Performance - Improvement - After an employee is terminated, any open performance reviews of this employee will be completed automatically.