Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.165 - 08/29/2019

Other - Issue fix - If due to the organizational changes, an employee doesn't have any subordinates any more, such employee is automatically removed from the SharePoint ES Manager group.

Recruiting - Issue fix - After changing a meeting room booked for an interview to another one, the initially booked room is released and is available for booking.

Core HR - Issue fix - If the Job Assignment Mode is not Job Position, the Job Position column is hidden in the employment history.

Recruiting - Issue fix - The candidate creation and editing works correctly with the Enforce Unique Values check box selected for the Email field of the Candidates list.

Recruiting - Improvement - The Job Opening field is now available on the Candidate Documents page.

Recruiting - Improvement - The candidate notes can be deleted from the Candidate Tracking.

Performance - Improvement - The default dates for the Employee Goals Report will be the start date and end date of the current year.

Performance - Improvement - Changing the KPI actual value without changing the effective date will not create a new employee KPI history record and the KPI History chart will not be influenced.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - A new workflow custom action is available for pulling the dynamic absence request data.