Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.167 - 09/11/2019

Core HR - Improvement - During the data import, if a job position is not found by code, it will be searched by title.

Learning - Issue fix - When creating a category for the quiz questions, the category description is not copied to the Comment field.

Other - Improvement - The SQL Export Job will export the Created by and Modified by field information. The account title will be displayed.

Core HR - Issue fix - The layout of the Number of Employees by Month chart of the Company Overview dashboard is now correct. The top of the numbers is not cut off.

Report Builder - Improvement - When creating a report through the Report Builder and grouping it by date, the date only, without time, will be displayed.

Core HR, Recruiting - Improvement - There is an option to start workflow after a document is uploaded to one of the following libraries: Employee Documents, Certificates, Job Contracts, Candidate Documents.

Performance - Issue fix - After adding a competency for assessment and assessing it, the date and time for the Assessed by field and Notes field is the same.

Core HR - Issue fix - When uploading an employee document, the Employee Access and Manager Access check boxes can be cleared and these settings are saved for the uploaded document.

Learning - Improvement - After enrolling for a training event, an information message is about successful result will be displayed to the user.

Recruiting - Improvement - In the Interview Details form, the location will be displayed with the timezone, provided that timezone is available for the location.

Learning - Improvement - On the Schedule Training page, the "training room" is renamed to "meeting room".

Performance - Issue fix - If a performance review is generated for a terminated employee, such employee name will be displayed without the assignment information and without extra characters.

Performance - Improvement - French texts for the Employee Feedback functionality are available for the French localization.

Core HR, Performance - Improvement - The following charts are now available in the Kendo mode: Performance Round Details, Competency Development Plan and Headcount Turnover Report.

Recruiting - Improvement - Job openings published to Seek preserve the rich text formatting of the original openings in Lanteria HR.

Recruiting - Improvement - The Organizer field of the Schedule Interview form is a required field now. It will be automatically populated with email of the current user.