Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.168 - 09/20/2019

Learning - Issue fix - An extra field has been removed from the Attach New E-Learning form.

Other - Issue fix - The Process Employees job works without issues in case the job Last run time is empty.

Core HR - Improvement - If the Probation End Date field is available on the employee card, the end date specified manually will not be overwritten based on the performance review stage settings. If the Probation End Date field is not on the employee card, the end date will be automatically calculated based on the probation review stage duration. 

Report Builder - Issue fix - The dates in reports created through the Report Builder are displayed according to the field settings: date or date and time. 

Core HR - Improvement - Options for the Gender field of the Employees list can be defined not only as (M) and (F), but also as M and F without brackets.

Other - Improvement - The Event Viewer errors are now recorded into the ErrorLog SQL table of the ESDB database.

Core HR - Improvement - The data import process has been optimized and the employee data import time is reduced.

Performance - Issue fix - If Competency Storage is set to SQL, the special symbols in the competency Notes field are handled correctly.

Other - Improvement - Adding and deleting lists and fields, as well as field update will be tracked in a new [dbo].[DataStructureLog] table.

Recruiting - Improvement - Candidate notes are available from the job opening Candidate Tracking.

Performance - Issue fix - When manually adding a competency for assessment, the user can specify the competency level, and the Score field, which is a numeric representation of the competency level, is hidden now.

Performance - Issue fix - The Employee Competency Search displays correct results when selecting several competencies to look for.

Other - Improvement - A new permission level is available for the Permission Editor - Except Myself. which enables the user to see all the records, except his/her own.

Candidate Self-Service - Improvement - If a candidate is uploading an attachment with double dot before the extension name, an extra dot is automatically removed for the correct file upload.