Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.170 - 10/04/2019

Other - Issue fix - Fixed an issue where the values in a column of the Date type have been sorted by the month name and not by date.

Recruiting - Improvement - If the user tries to open a deleted job opening with the help of the direct link, the message is displayed informing that the job opening is not active any more.

Learning - Improvement - Now HR and Training Manager roles can delete, hide and pin any discussions (answers) except personal ones.

Recruiting - Improvement - When an interview item is deleted, any related meeting room appointments will be removed as well. 

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - Fixed an issue which occurred when launching the workflow for absence requests with the Acting Person field filled in.

Other - Improvement - Performance of the ADP integration job has been improved.

Core HR - Improvement - Improved readability of the Countries chart of the Company Overview dashboard. 

Core HR - Improvement - When creating an HR process template, if Autostart is set to New employee or Termination, the user can narrow the template application to a specific country, location or employment type. 

Core HR - Issue fix - Fixed an issue that occurred if Sync Local HR Employees was set to Immediately. Now the Local HR employees are created, updated and deleted immediately.

Learning - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with downloading and launching the SCORM course from the cloud.

Other - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with the the change history of the multiple line fields displaying changes even when no changes have been made.