Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.176 - 11/20/2019

Integration - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with failing to map employee's manager when the manager's display name in Azure AD is different from that in Lanteria HR. Manager's email will be used as a key instead of display name.

Recruiting - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with the candidate's full name not updating after changing the candidate's first name or last name.

Performance - Issue fix - Fixed an issue that prevented submitting the 360 Feedback form in case with the form template without the Competencies section.

Data Export - Improvement - If no country is selected in the Data Export Settings, one export file for all the countries will be sent.

Performance - Improvement - In the Check-Ins Report, the users can now see the completed check-ins for the selected period, as well as check-ins started in the selected period (but not completed). Employees without check-ins are also available in the report and can be hidden using the Hide Empty Records check box.