Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.180 - 12/26/2019

Core HR - Improvement - When changing the employee's job assignment and selecting the Enable changing Salary Details check box, the user can see the Working on it loader.

Learning - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with the not updated SCORM result if the course is not completed from the first attempt.Now the SCORM result will be updated for each attempt if the development activity status is not Completed or Cancelled.

Learning - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with sending notification about the completed training to a terminated employee.

Performance - Improvement - When creating the performance review generation rules, specifying the organization unit is not mandatory. 

Learning - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with availability of the Add button for the courses that have already been added to the employee's Personal Development Plan.  

Performance - Improvement - The 360 Feedback result charts are now available in Kendo mode.

Core HR - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with search in the Org Unit field of the employee card. Now the search is performed correctly and the results with not full coincidence are also displayed. 

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - Fixed an issue which prevented employee from accessing the Comments/Approval History for the employee's absences.

Data Import - Improvement - Importing data into the custom lists that contain lookups has been optimized.

Data Import - Issue fix - Fixed an issue that caused incorrect count of the added items in the data import results.

Recruiting - Improvement - Improved the interface of the window used for assigning a newly created candidate to a job opening (window renamed to Apply for Job Opening, confirmation and information messages updated). 

Performance - Improvement - If the custom fields of the Date and Number types are used for the 360 Assessment, the general result report will display information message that charts cannot be displayed for these field types.