Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.103

Time & Attendance - Improvement - For the Monthly End and Bi-Weekly End types of absence accrual, the users can set up the allowance for the last month or week in the accrual year to be included at the end of the current year or at the beginning of the following year. For the allowance to be included into the following year allowance, select the Accrue Last Period at Start check box under General Settings > Time and Attendance > Absences (the Advanced tab).
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - The vacation records for the future spending period can be edited without issues.
Learning - Issue fix - The Learning Group Management page has the correct layout.
Learning - Issue fix - No extra Learning Groups links are displayed on the Local HR home page.
Data Export - Improvement - The automatic data export can be set up to be saved to the Data Export Library. To achieve this, select 3-Save to Library in the Export Type field of the Data Export Settings page. Please note that for the Email or FTP export types, the exported files are also temporarily saved to the Data Export Library, but deleted after sending by mail or copying to FTP.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - In dynamic absence mode, if the Hide sickness details from manager check box is selected, the Subtype field is not hidden for HR during the data export. 
Performance - Issue fix - To avoid issues while saving competency assessments for a big number of competencies per employee, the Competency Assessment form is locked after clicking Save and the Working on it loader is displayed.
Core HR - Improvement - Link to the Change Reasons list is now available in Settings > Settings and Configuration > Core HR under Org Structure > Advanced.
Core HR - New functionality - The Data Clean job will remove items older than 3 months in the Notifications Tasks list and Application Log list. The Candidate Registration list items will be removed upon candidate removal.
Core HR  - New functionality - A page with information about the employee data stored in the system is available from Settings > Settings and Configuration > Core HR under Employee Database > Employee Related Data Structure.
Core HR - New functionality - Employee data will be removed from all the SQL tables upon the employee deletion.
Other - New functionality - It's possible now to send emails with attachment in workflows.