Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.106

Other - New functionality - The cache information will be changed to JSON object instead of list items. A new setting Cache Syncronization is available in the General Settings for saving the IDs of the deleted items. The IDs will be removed by the CleanData job after 30 days. Data for the following lists will be collected: Emploees, Departments, EmploymentHistory, JobPositions, JobRoles, TrainingEvents, LearningMaterials.
Core HR - Issue fix - Values of the Employee field of the Employee Sensitive Data list cannot be modified through the Quick Edit mode.
Other - Improvement - The Modidifed by field in the Version History displays the user account instead of System Account.
Core HR - Issue fix - If in the employee full name template, the middle name is after the last name, the full name of the employee is generated and displayed according to the template.
Time and Attendance - Improvement - The carried over days approval can be done using the Lanteria HR approval processes in the Dynamic Absences mode as well.
Core HR - New functionality - The user can set up the employee data anonymization, which includes the following:
- Employee full name will be changed to "Anonymized <ID>"
- All the field values in the Employees list will be cleaned based on the Employee Data Anonymization setting
- The version history for the Employees list will be removed
- All the fields in the Employee Sensitive Data list will be removed
- The version history for the Employees Sensitive Data list will be removed
Recruiting - Improvement - The Vacancy Details form now includes the Skills section that is synchronized to Applicant Self Service. The Intranet and Company Website check boxes has been removed and a new Job Publishing section has been added.