Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.26

Core HR - New functionality - Approve for all functionality available only to HRs/Local HRs was added for cases when Approval Type is set to All Approvers for a particular approval workflow step
Core HR - Issue fix - Inactive employees who are also managers are not displayed on the Employee Chart if Include Inactive Employees checkbox is not checked
Time & Attendance - New functionality - New accrual method for daily accrual of absence allowance was added
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - Fixed the issue with an error appearing after absence cancellation. Now the user is either redirected to My Absences page, if the cancellation form was opened in a window, or stays on the same page, if the cancellation form was opened in a popup
Performance - Issue fix - Users are able to batch complete reviews
Other - Improvement - The ID column is now displayed by default in Certificates list