Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.29

Core HR - Issue fix - Starter’s name is displayed in the Started For column in the list of HR processes
Core HR - Issue fix - ES2013 - Resource Processing Job works correctly with extended web applications
Core HR - Issue fix - Employment History records can be deleted
Core HR - Issue fix - There is no discrepancy in figures displayed on HR Dashboard page and Structure Dashboard page that was due to different employee filter settings
Time & Attendance - Improvement - Absence accrual units (days or hours) were added to the accrued, booked and leave balance figures on My Absences page for both standard and dynamic absence mode
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - My Absences page was changed to correctly display absence accrual units (days or hours)
Time & Attendance - Improvement - Public Holidays filter was added to the Absence Records page to regulate which public holidays to display
Learning - Improvement - Changed the internal mechanism for bulk change of attendees’ status. Now the system will display processing information and will display information on successful/failed status change
Report Builder - Issue fix - Dates are displayed correctly in range filter fields on reports
Other - Modification - Keys collection for Employment History is now employee, start date, org unit and job role/position depending on job assignment mode settings