Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.48

Core HR - Issue fix - Top Level Job Role property of an Approval Workflow Step is stored correctly
Core HR - Issue fix - The approval workflow stops at the level of the job role determined by the Top Level Job Role field when Department Managers is selected as Approver
Core HR - Issue fix - Possibility of XSS attack through Title field on the HR Process Start form is blocked
Core HR - Issue fix - Local HR has access to Job Contracts of employees within his/her responsibility
Time & Attendance - Improvement - Absence Records Report default date range is set to current calendar month instead of current calendar year
Time & Attendance - Improvement - Business Trip Types can be made country-specific
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - Additional filter values in the by-day view of Out of Office Calendar inherit the values from calendar view of the Out of Office Calendar
Performance - Issue fix - Review Data Fields sequence set within Performance Review Form Template Designer for a specific template is preserved on Performance Review Form
Performance - Issue fix - {ReviewRoundName} variable in the Performance Review Letter Template is correctly replaced with variable value
Performance - Issue fix - Active Reviews counter displays the correct number of reviews for Local HR
Other - Modification - HR Logging Service changed