Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.49

Core HR - Issue fix - Approval/Comments history for employees' absence approval requests is accessible only to HR, request initiator or people responsible
Time & Attendance - New functionality - A new setting called Absence Allowance Accrual Type was added to select whether to accrue absence allowance by calendar days or by the number of working days in the year, i.e. all days except work pattern days with 0 hours and company holidays. This setting is applicable both to standard and dynamic absence mode. If absence allowance accrual is done by working days and an employee has an approved unpaid leave, the base for allowance accrual is diminished by the number of unpaid leave days
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - Automatic timesheet mapping for cases where an employee has a half-day AM company holiday and a half-day PM approved absence is working correctly
Performance - Optimization - Performance Round Details page has been optimized to work with large datasets