Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.51

Core HR - New functionality - HR/Local HR user can run an approval process to apply actual salary change. This can be done by creating a content approval process with Employees and Employee Salary Details as target lists
Core HR - Issue fix - When using Change Manager functionality, manager is changed simultaneously on Employee Card and in the employee's assignment for main position
Core HR - Issue fix - Newly created fields that have to be inserted in employee documents are now copied successfully
Time&Attendance - Issue fix - The Out of Office calendar now does not display employees as absent on their return to work day if other absence was booked by another employee for the same day
Recruiting - Layout fix - Vacancy approval forms are displayed in the same way as approval process forms
Recruiting - Issue fix - Possibility of XSS attack through Title, Code, and Description fields on vacancy create/edit form is blocked
Recruiting - Modification - New forms for creating and editing vacancies were created. The sets of mandatory and non-mandatory fields were changed, the fields are now grouped to make the forms more user-friendly, and if there is no approval process for vacancies in the system, the corresponding field is hidden and the vacancy is approved by default
Performance - Issue fix - Notifications are sent correctly to HR if the HR step is the first in a performance review workflow
Performance - Issue fix - System now checks if a performance review exists and does not duplicate reviews if Probation Review Job is run more than once on the same day.
Performance - Issue fix - In case there are over 10000 probation reviews, the system handles Performance Review Rounds, Performance Review Round Details and Performance Reviews Report without crashing
Applicant Self-Service - Feature - When a candidate fills in an application form, they select a number of past jobs they had from a drop-down list with options 1,2,3 or >3. The system then opens the number of mandatory fields necessary to enter their latest jobs, employment dates, company, etc. The number of such records is limited by 3.