Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.52

Core HR - Modification - A new field Inactive was added to approval process settings list with possible values yes/no, set to no by default. Now when you click delete on Approval Process Settings page, the system will set Inactive to yes and treat it as if this approval process setting does not exist
Core HR - Issue fix - The system displays the Org Unit chart correctly for cases when the request is formed for levels down
Time&Attendance - Modification - Manual absence adjustment cannot be used if an employee has no absence allowance
Time&Attendance - Issue fix - Absence allowance registered in hours is displayed correctly in Out of Office Calendar
Recruiting - Issue fix - If there is no approval process set up for vacancies, then after a vacancy is copied it is approved automatically
Performance - Issue fix - Security validation for moving a performance review to the next step from Performance Review Report page is working
Performance - Improvement - Methods to migrate Employee Competence and Employee Competence History to SQL and vice versa were added
Performance - Modification - The logic for displaying charts on Performance Round Details page is the same as for displaying orgunits on OrgStructure Dashboard
Performance - Issue fix - HR can successfully complete employees' performance reviews
Learning - Issue fix - The time in Outlook cancellation of appointment notifications is now correct