Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.56

Performance - Issue fix - When using the 360 Feedbacks, if self-assessment is excluded, it is not accounted in calculation of the overall score.
Learning - Issue fix - In Personal Development Plan, the required trainings completed by an employee are now displayed correctly (as Completed and not Missing Mandatory).
Learning - Issue fix - When the Learning Prerequisites Mode is set to Required, an employee cannot complete the development activity without completing the prerequisites any more.
Other - Issue fix - After Lanteria HR installation and web features activation, the ES Local HR permission group is now created correctly.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - In absence request, if employee specifies the exact number of hours for the absence, the number of days and hours (Calculated Duration) is displayed correcty.
Core HR - Issue fix - The possibility of the XSS attack through the process templates has been eliminated.
Performance - Issue fix - If the KPI is not assessed yet (the Actual Value field is blank), the KPI is not displayed with the red status image any more.
Performance - Improvement - When importing the job role competencies, it is now possible to define the required level as a score (numeric value) or a competency level title (text value, for example, Meets Expectations). 
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - In absence requests, the approval workflow related technical fields are not displayed to the users.