Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.58

Performance - Issue fix - In 360 Performance Reviews, the Overall Rating now is calculated based on the selected groups of assessors. For example, if the subordinates are not included into assessment, this group is not taken into account.
Time & Attendance - Improvement - A new reminder was added notifying HR about unapproved absence requests. The notification is sent before the beginning of the new accrual period. Please note that approving past absence requests after the new allowance is generated can lead to the incorrect numbers in the carried over days.
Performance - Issue fix - When an employee is deleted from the Employee Database, any active performance reviews for this employee are also deleted.
Core HR - Issue fix - Special characters in the employee name do not prevent launching the approval process any more.
Performance - Issue fix - The redundant characters were removed from the Assessment 360 Form page.
Performance - Issue fix - Assigning performance review using the Assign to Person field in the Performance Reviews page now works without errors.
Performance - Improvement - Performance Manager can now launch an ad-hoc performance review for any of the employees he or she is responsible for.
Recruiting - Issue fix - The user can create an employee from candidate without issues, irrespective of the candidate's date of birth.