Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.59

Time & Attendance - Improvement - If the Do Not Accrue Allowance During Unpaid Leave check box is selected, allowance for all the absence types (vacation, sickness, absence etc.) is not accrued. This rule works when employee is on any type of unpaid leave (vacation, sickness, absence, etc.)
Core HR - Issue fix - HR can terminate an employee without any issues.
Learning - Issue fix - When several requests are sent for the same training event at the same time, they are now processed by the system sequentially so that to avoid exceeding the maximum number of seats.
Learning - Improvement - A link to the Appointment Templates list was added to Settings > Settings and Configuration > General > Notifications and Reminders.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - In case there are sequential absence records, the Out of Office Calendar doesn't show the redundant absence records any more.
Learning - Issue fix - When a development activity is created with a link to development need, the activity is created correctly and is associated with the selected development need.
Other - Improvement - A link to the Cost Centers list was added to Settings > Settings and Configuration > Core HR > Org Structure.
Learning - Issue fix - The training requests for the learning materials with the "&" symbol in the name are now created correctly.
Core HR - Issue fix - If the Employees list or Salary Details list is updated through the approval process, the employee Full Name field is not updated.