Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.60

Core HR - Issue fix - After an employee record is created and AD account assigned, the employee can access his or her employee card without issues.
Performance - Issue fix - During performance review, if the current responsible is changed through the Assign to Person function, the review is not reassigned to the previous responsible any more.
Recruiting - Issue fix - When the Recruiting Manager is creating a vacancy, the Recruiting Managers field is filled in automatically by his or her name.
Core HR - Improvement - In the Change Job page, the Org Unit and Job Role field types were changed from lookups to pickers.
Time & Attendance - Improvement - The maximum number of the absent employee names displayed for one day in the Out of Office Calendar was increased from 2 to 7.
Core HR - Issue fix - When a new org unit is created in the Organizational Structure page, the page is refreshed at once and the newly created org unit is displayed.
Report Builder - Improvement - In the Report Center, the user now sees reports by sections and not by modules. One section can include several modules. The sections are displayed as follows:

  • Core HR (includes Org Structure and HR Administration)
  • Time & Attendance (includes Absence)
  • Compensation (includes Compensation)
  • Recruiting (includes Recruiting)
  • Performance (includes Appraisal, Competence, Goals, Talent)
  • Learning (includes Learning)

Only HR can create and edit reports. Managers and Local HRs can now run the reports created by HR.