Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.63

Time & Attendance - Issue fix - In the dynamic absences mode, when the user creates an absence request, the request is created without errors in the Event Viewer.
Report Builder - New Functionality - Custom reports can now be accessed by the Manager and Local HR roles through the new Report Builder menu.
Core HR - Improvement - When data in the Employee Documents list is being loaded, the Working on it... message is now displayed.
Performance - Issue fix - The Competencies and Development Needs sections now work properly for all the locales.
Performance - Issue fix - If a section of the Job Responsibilities type is selected in the Lock Sections field of the performance review workflow step, the section is displayed as read-only during this step.
Other - Improvement - The Office 365 synchronization settings are now available from the user interface under Settings > Settings and Configuration > General, the Development tab.
Performance - Issue fix - During the performance review, if the Return to Previous Responsible function is used, a review form is now returned not to the previous step, but to the employee previously responsible for the form.
Core HR - Issue fix - When the manager creates a Job Description Approval request, the request is now available to the manager on the Created by Me tab of the Approval Requests page.
Performance - Issue fix - The Top/Low Scored Competencies chart on the Dashboard now doesn't take into account competencies that are not rated.
Performance - Issue fix - During performance review, the users can remove only their own comments in the Development Needs and Development Needs Plan types of sections.
Report Center - Improvement - If in the Report Designer, the permissions for the custom report are granted to the custom role, the employees belonging to this role can now access the report.