Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.64

Performance - Issue fix - If the Enable Form History check box is selected in the Performance Review settings, this doesn't prevent the employee from submitting the performance review.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - Local HR can now approve absence requests where he or she is not a current responsible.
Performance - Improvement - HR and Performance Manager can delete comments in the Objectives, Development Needs and Competencies sections of the performance review form.
Other - Improvement - Code from the data import handler was moved to BLDataImport to ensure that several data import processes can be run simultaneously.
Core HR - Improvement - Out of the box Job Description Approval workflow settings were updated for the approval process to function correctly.
Performance - Issue fix - The system now handles the competency names with special characters correctly.
Core HR - Issue fix - The Organizational Chart layout has been corrected to display the org unit relations without extra relation lines.
Core HR - Issue fix - The Job Roles list can now work in the Cash mode, if such mode is enabled.