Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.65

Other - Improvement - During Lanteria HR installation, the permission groups for all the standard user roles, including ES Performance Manager, ES Recruiting Manager, ES Training Manager, are now created.
Performance - Improvement - When selecting summary rating during performance review, the users can now select the 0 (Not Applicable) rating. Such ratings will not be taken into account in the Average Summary Score by Org Unit chart available in the Performance Round Details.
Time & Attendance - Improvement - If approval workflow is not assigned to the absence list, additional managers can also approve absences on behalf of the direct manager.
Performance - Issue fix - If the review template for the 360 Feedback contains a mandatory section of the Competencies type and the user submits the form without completing this section, a warning message is displayed informing the user that the Competencies section must be filled in.
Time & Attendance - Improvement - If the employee's manager is changed and employee has an absence request pending manager's approval, the request is redirected to the new manager.
Performance - Issue fix - In the Performance dashboard, the Top / Low Scored Competencies chart is working correctly in case SQL is selected as the competence storage under Settings > Settings and Configuration > Performance, the Advanced tab.
Recruiting - Issue fix - If the interview form template contains a section of the Form Fields type, the form is generated correctly and all the fields included into the section are displayed to the interviewer.
Core HR - Issue fix - When using the Job Description Approval Workflow to change the job role description, the existing, new, edited and deleted records are now formatted with different colors, according to the legend.
Report Center - Issue fix - When exporting reports to Excel, the data is exported according to the filters set for the report.
Core HR - Issue fix - In the HR HelpDesk request comment box, the employee global ID is displayed correctly next to the employee name.
Core HR - Issue fix - When changing the employee job, after changing the organizational unit, the job position is now updated to one of the job positions in the selected unit.
Core HR - Issue fix - The Job Position field of the job assignment window now displays job positions correctly in the systems with more than 100 job positions.
Core HR - Issue fix - The Date and Time data type is now copied to the .cache backup files.