Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.68

Core HR - Issue fix - Local HR specific employee search was implemented. Now Local HR can search among the employees they are responsible for.
Performance - Issue fix - The Assessment 360 Result Report is working without errors.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - The Absence Plan job doesn't fail in case employee's employment date is February 29 and Accrual From is set to Service Date in this employee's absence plan.
Performance - Issue fix - If Assign Summary Rating for the performance review workflow is set to false, the Summary Rating field doesn't contain the "0 - Not Applicable" rating after the review step is completed.
Core HR - Issue fix - The Organizational Chart now has a correct layout for the non-HR user roles.
Time & Attendance - Improvement - When the user clicks Absences Pending Approval in the HR Absences dashboard, the Absences Pending Approval report is opened instead of the Absence Records Report.
Core HR - Improvement - When a new employee is automatically created as a result of the user profiles synchronization, HR receives notification about this.
Other - Issue fix - When the SQL feature is activated during the solution deployment, all the tables are updated without errors.
Performance - Improvement - The Overall Score field was added to the 360 Assessments list to store the results of the employee competency assessment. The average score for all the competencies and all the assessors will be displayed.
Performance - Issue fix - The Overall Score field has been hidden from the 360 Assessments Edit form.