Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.69

Core HR - Issue fix - When editing the Approval Process Settings for the content approval process, the target list displays correctly, according to the setup made by the user before.
Core HR - Issue fix - In the process settings for the existing approval processes, the Request Approval Manually check box is now available for editing.
Core HR - Improvement - When the user is trying to assign an employee who doesn't have any main position to additional position, the error message is displayed. The text of this message has been modified to reflect the cases when the user is trying to close the main position and when an employee is not assigned to any position.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - If there is more than one carried over record, only the latest record in a period will be taken into account. This will help to avoid incorrect absence booking in case the absence plan settings were changed and more than one carried over record was generated.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - The reminders that are based on the Absence Reminder By Reminder Date rule are now generated without issues.
Recruiting - New functionality - The Control Answer and Change Status To fields were added to the Vacancy Questions list. For the vacancy questions of the yes/no and choice types, it will be possible to define the control answer. If the candidate's answer coincides with the control answer, his or her status will be changed to the status selected in the Change Status To field. Please note that to use this functionality for the questions of the choice type, the Display Choices as field must be set to Drop-down Menu or Radio Buttons).