Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.71

Performance - Issue fix - After submitting the assessment, the results report is displayed without the layout issues ("tdSectionContent" is not added after the competency assessment).
Core HR - Improvement - When deleting the candidates, the candidate documents will be also deleted.
Performance - Issue fix - The Assessment 360 Result Report displays correctly even if the HR user runs the 360 review round with self-assessment and afterwards selects the Exclude Self-Assessment check box.
Other - Issue fix - Web feature is activated without issues if Intranet is selected as the first Alternate Access Mapping. The system now checks for any alternate zone settings.
Time & Attendance - Improvement - For the absent manager to be able to approve upon return the requests that were not approved by the acting person, both manager and acting person will be added to approvers if Approval Type on approval step is set to Any Approver.
Performance - Issue fix - When the goal has the same start date and due date, it is displayed in only one of the review form sections. If the date is within the current review period, the goal is displayed in the section of the Objectives type. If the date is in the future in relation to the review period, it is displayed in the Objectives Plan section.
Performance - Issue fix - The Assessment 360 Result Report displays without the layout issues in Spanish localization.
Core HR - Issue fix - The employee email in the employee search results is now restored from the cache file and displayed correctly.
Performance - Improvement - When viewing or editing the interview form section of the Form Fields type, the fields are now displayed in the same order, as they were listed in the Section Fields field of the Interview Form Sections form.
Performance - Improvement - When the user is printing the performance review form that contains the Competency section type, all the competency assessments performed within the current review round will be printed out.