Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.72

Learning - Improvement - The performance of the Learning module has been improved so that it works without delays for the systems with big amounts of data in the Learning Materials list.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - The Clock in button is now available for the timesheets with the current date only.
Core HR - Issue fix - If the required field of the Date and Time type in the employee card is not filled in, the card will not be saved and the error message will be displayed.
Report Builder - Issue fix - For the reports created in the Spanish local, the salary details fields are displayed correctly.
Core HR - Issue fix - When creating employee from candidate, the education records are copied to the employee card correctly, including those with the empty optional fields and special symbols.
Recruiting - Issue fix - The Candidate Card displays without the java script errors.
Performance - Issue fix - If different summary ratings are assigned to employee during the performance review, all of them are saved correctly.
Other - Issue fix - The fields of the Multiple lines of text type with Append Changes to Existing Text set to Yes (usually used for notes) now display 10 latest records.