Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.77

Core HR - Issue fix - When assigning an employee to job position, the Organizational Unit picker works correctly.
Performance - Issue fix - When filling in the 360 feedback form, the user is prevented from submitting the form until all the mandatory sections are filled in.
Recruiting - New functionality - Now users can specify the time zone for each location in the Locations list. When the interview appointment is sent to the interviewers, the interview time is set based on the interviewer’s time zone.
Time & Attendance - New functionality - In the My Absences page, for all the absence types, including dynamic absences, an employee can now select a future report date and view the expected Total Leave, Booked and Leave Balance. The calculation will be based on the employee's current work pattern with the assumption that employee will not take any leave during that period.
Recruiting - Issue fix - After scheduling the first interview, the user doesn’t see the No interviews are scheduled message.
Learning - Issue fix - The user can perform group assignment for the scheduled training from the Learning Material Details page.
Learning - Improvement - An additional header was added to the Learning Statistics report of the Learning dashboard to clarify that the number of missing/expired certificates and missing required trainings are displayed as of today, disregarding the selected period.
Core HR - Improvement - When assigning an employee to job position, the user can see the org units list based on his/her permissions.