Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.78

Recruiting - New functionality - Integration with Exchange/365 Office calendars was implemented. When scheduling the interviews and classroom trainings, the users can now check the trainers’ and interviewers’ calendars to find out their availability.  The integration can be set up under Settings > Settings and Configuration > General > Exchange Integration by specifying the exchange version, exchange integration link and login and password for the user who will be able to view the calendars.
Performance - Issue fix - After submitting the review, an employee cannot use the Back button in the Internet browser to modify and submit review on the step he or she is not responsible for.
Time & Attendance - Improvement - The Acting Persons field type has been changed from lookup to picker. When scheduling absences, vacations, sicknesses, business trips or absences of the custom types, the users can select an acting person in a more convenient way.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - When extra time off is added to the employee allowance based on the calculation rule with the Occurrence set to Incremental, the calculation formula (range used) is not displayed in the Employee Absence Summary.
Recruiting - Issue fix - The Interview Form is displayed to the external candidates without the layout issues.
Learning - Issue fix - Cancelled development activities cannot be marked as completed.
Recruiting - Issue fix - If a completed interview form with the Summary Score section exists, the candidate ranking is calculated according to the following formula: (Average score) / Max Score * 100 * Weight
Core HR - Issue fix - Additional Filter now works correctly in the Organizational Tree.
Other - Issue fix - After changing from one locale to another, the date and time fields are now displayed n without errors.