Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.81

Time & Attendance - Improvement - In My Absences page, under Total Paid Leave, the employees can now see the Accrual Details with information on their total leave to be accrued this year and absence plan details. 
Performance - Issue fix - When creating ad hoc reviews, if any of the required fields are not filled in, the error messages displayed are now consistent. Review round cannot be created if any of the mandatory fields isn't filled in. 
Recruiting - Issue fix - In Applicant Self-Service, after an applicant accepts or rejects a job offer, it is still available to the applicant so that he or she could check the offer details.
Core HR - Issue fix - If there are several approval processes set up for the same list, approval requests are created correctly, without the redundant records.
Performance - Issue fix - The Goals dashboard now displays goals with start date before the period start date if the goal due date is empty or >= the period start date. 
Core HR - Issue fix - The Save as Image option has been removed from the Employee Chart and Organizational Chart. 
Learning - Issue fix - When the employees are browsing the Learning Catalog, they see the Add to My Plan button next to the courses that have the Request Required and Event Required options set to No. Previously the Assign to Learner button was displayed.
Performance - Issue fix - The Review Data sections are now displayed in the performance review form without the layout issues.