Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.83

Core HR - Issue fix - The Documents dashboard displays correct links to the documents so that users can open them from dashboard without issues.
Learning - Issue fix - The Trainer Availability button now displays without the typo mistakes. 
Learning - Improvement - When scheduling the classroom training, after clicking Scheduling Assistant, the page is opened maximized.
Performance - Issue fix - The Overall Score is displayed correctly in the 360 Feedbacks list and is now consistent with the Assessment 360 Result Report.
Learning - Improvement - In the Learning reports, the Learning Materials drop-down has been replaced with picker.
Core HR - Improvement - If a performance review form has been generated as a part of probation process, a link to such form will be displayed on the Open Probation Reviews page and My Team Probation Reviews page.
Performance - Issue fix - The Add Ad Hoc Review button has been hidden from the Employee role menu (My Performance Reviews).