Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.85

Time & Attendance - Issue fix - When a company holiday is created in Lanteria HR, any employee absences registered for this day are recalculated not to exclude this day from the employee allowance.
Learning - Issue fix - A learning material can now be added to a Curriculum only once.
Learning - Improvement - When exporting the Learning reports to pdf, now all the columns are included into one page. 
Recruiting - Improvement - The term "vacancy" has been renamed to "job opening" in the Recruiting module pages. The change will be effective for the new installations and old installations upon request.
Time & Attendance - Improvement - Now the timesheets can also be approved by managers and HR from the Approval Requests. 
Core HR - Issue fix - The connections in the Organizational Chart and Employee Chart are now displayed correctly.
Performance - Issue fix - If texts for the drop-down lists are long, they are now displayed without the layout issues.
Learning - Issue fix - If the same learning material is assigned to an employee twice, the development activity is not duplicated.
Learning - Improvement - In the Status filter of the Development Activities report and Learning Materials report, a separate option for the Cancelled status has been implemented. Now the cancelled development activities will not be displayed when filtering by the Active status.