Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.86

Performance - Issue fix - If the Allow Completion and Allow Reassignment check boxes are selected in the performance review workflow step settings, the Stop Review and Assign to Person options are not available to the user on this step.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - If the Absence Percent field is visible in the absence request form and it is not filled in, the form can still be saved by the user without issues.
Time & Attendance - Improvement - The Notes field in the timesheet records can now be set up to be mandatory or optional. A new Timesheet Record Notes setting is available in the Time & Attendance settings.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - If an invalid input is entered into a Date/Time field of the absence registration form, a standard warning message is displayed and the user can proceed to correcting the input.
Core HR - Issue fix - Inactive org units are now also included into the Headcount Turnover report data.
Core HR - Improvement - In the Open Probation Reviews page, the values of the Manager and Employee fields have been replaced with the links to the employee cards of the corresponding employees.
Performance - Improvement - If a performance review form is generated for a probation review, when opening this form from the Open Probation Reviews page, the form is opened maximized.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix In the Timesheet Report, after clearing the Hide Empty Records check box, the empty records are displayed.