Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.91

These versions are not compatible with Dynamic absence mode.

Core HR - Issue fix - Employee cant be terminated without filling in all the mandatory fields, irrespective of the order in which the fields are filled in.
Time&Attendance - Improvement - Extra Time Off Calculation Rules will be processed by job on the daily basis (previously it was processed once a year when calculating new allowance). This means that Extra days will be available when anniversary occurs. All rules for the current allowance period will be processed and allocated on the first run of the Absence Plan job. This functionality will be implemented for the dynamic absences in future versions.
Performance - Improvement - If performance review step is assigned to manager, additional manager or department manager and an employee doesn't have those assigned, performance review will be assigned to HR and not to the employee.
Learning - Improvement - A new setting has been added allowing to disable the training event calendar appointments. If you want the calendar appointments to be sent to the training attendees, select the Send training appointments to attendees check box under Settings > Settings and Configuration > Learning > Classroom Trainings.