Lanteria HR, Versions 4.4.96

Time & Attendance - New functionality - The absence type will be hidden in the Out of Office Calendar and Absence Schedule.
If the user selects the Hide sickness details from managers check box in the Absence settings, all the sicknesses will be displayed to managers with the Absence type. That is, the managers will not be able to differentiate between the employee sicknesses and other absences in Absence Requests and other places. The detailed information about the sickness records will also be hidden.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - The timesheet data is not lost after the page reload in Mozilla Firefox if it has been saved using the Save Changes button.
Other - Issue fix - Delete protector now works for all lists of Lanteria HR web site.
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - In the Out of Office Calendar, the employee names in the tooltip are displayed separated with the semicolon.