Blended learning using Lanteria LMS

On-demand webinar
10 am PDT
~30 minutes

Our Speaker

Alexey Shehovtsov
Alexey Shehovtsov
Product Advisor

Alexi has 8 years of an exceptional career, built on helping companies to find the perfect HR software that fits their company's needs. Behind his shoulders, he has thousands of conversations (and a batch of 6 to 10-hour long calls with the buyers), many of which happily took his advice and found the best solution on the market. 


Introducing Lanteria LMS

A brief look into the legendary Lanteria LMS. Why is it a great tool for blended learning?
What is blended learning?

Spoiler alert: it's online and offline courses combined into a single learning environment. But how can you effectively manage them?
Effective blended learning in global teams

Remote working is a new reality. Let's talk about arranging training for employees in different locations.
Building a learning environment in your company

Where to start? What to focus on? How to automate processes and save some time? Alexi will tell.